Walker & Walters uses innovative technology, marketing, and advertising to help clients buy and sell property faster and at a better price.

By constantly pushing the boundaries of what consumers should expect for real estate services, we are able to provide buyers and sellers with outstanding results. Our services include everything you want from a great real estate team, including years of experience, successful negotiation strategies, professionalism, expert communication, open availability, and more.

We believe in delivering better home sale experiences and smoother transactions through the use of the best technology and tools available.


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Callon Walker

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Doug Walters


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Our approach is very different than other real estate teams in that we offer professional photography, videography, aerial drone content, 3D home tours, up-to-date and in-depth market statistics, and much more to give our buyers and sellers an edge. This tailored solution helps our clients get the results they want fast and at a great price.

All of these tools and services are offered in-house through our team and are provided exclusively to our customers. Everything has been built from working in and behind-the-scenes of the real estate industry and by investing in the success of clients. At all times we are focused on listening to our customers and achieving their goals and dreams.

Experience a new, better way to buy and sell real estate. Learn about our extensive services, years of experience, past client successes, and more.