At Walker & Walters, we are proud to be affiliated with Compass. The Compass brand empowers us to offer potent services for our clients that get results. Their approach to real estate is drastically different than most brokerages, with a focus on developing a new direction for real estate founded in technology.

Compass has deep roots in branding, marketing, and advertising. They offer better tools to help our team work more efficiently, enabling us to invest more time with our clients. Their in-house marketing and advertising agency also assists us in making properties stand out, helping them sell faster for a higher price.

Additionally, their designers and engineers hail from top technology companies, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. It is no surprise that Compass has raised almost $1.2 billion in financing so far from investors that have backed the most promising technology companies in the world including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Airbnb, WeWork, Uber, and Lyft. 

Compass' powerful combination of design and technology is the perfect complement to our mission at Walker & Walters of offering a new, better way to buy and sell real estate and augments the level of our services that ww deliver for clients.

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