The Most Comprehensive, Exclusive Seller Services Available


Selling your property for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time is what we do. By combining the skill sets of an experienced REALTOR® and Marketing Manager, your property stands out above the crowd.

We market and advertise every property to its maximum potential with no shortcuts, gimmicks, or compromises. Everything you see below for marketing, advertising, photography, videography, 3D tours, interactive floor plans, print marketing, etc. are all included.

Our three step process explains the work we do behind-the-scenes to deliver results our clients love.

Step One: Establish The Tailored Strategy For Your Property


Pricing Strategy

A well-executed pricing strategy is a critical piece of getting your property sold. Starting at the right price will yield more buyers looking at your home and will increase the amount of acceptable offers.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing your home involves a very detailed process that has been built from years of experience. By focusing on the distinct features of the property, we differentiate your home from others on the market, increasing saleability and level of interest.


Online Advertising Strategy

Effective advertising is critical to maximizing your home's online and exposure. Across any and all devices, buyers are turning to online websites and resources to gain insight into homes for sale.

Step Two: Present Your Property At Its Finest


Professional Staging

With all of the comprehensive marketing that we offer, one of the most important aspects of the home strategy is staging your property. Staging ensures that buyers see your home at its best and can envision themselves in the space.

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Professional Photography

At Walker & Walters Real Estate Group, we use modern, professional photography cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to present your property at its finest.

48 Berkshire Street Print (41).JPG

Professional Videography

We create a cinematic experience for buyers by utilizing innovative videography equipment. Your home is captured in full detail and then edited to create a compelling video.

Doug Walters Media Aerial Media Services.jpeg

Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial photography and videography put your listing on a whole new level. Aerial photography displays a property's acreage, location, and overall size in an incredibly compelling way.

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3D Home Tour

Utilizing advanced camera hardware and software provided by Matterport, we build a 3D home showcase tailored to your property. 

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"Coming Soon" Marketing

We offer an additional tier of "Coming Soon" marketing that is built with the specific purpose of generating buzz for your home. By marketing your property as "Coming Soon" before the home is listed as active, we create anticipation with real estate agents and buyers.

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Floor Plans

We have floor plans created for your home and make this information readily available to potential buyers. As an added benefit, these floor plans are available in an interactive form, meaning consumers can click online to see where different pictures were taken on the actual floor plan itself.

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Property Website

Modern property website tools ensure that buyers get direct information about your property and can submit inquiries right away. We capture more qualified buyers, increase exposure for your home, and advertise your home through the use of a professional website.


Open Houses

Ultimately consumers want to see the final product first-hand, and we ensure that open houses are incredibly effective. Our strategy takes the open house to a new level to entice as much foot traffic as possible.

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Print Brochures and Flyers

Creating custom print marketing to sell your home is an essential piece of a well-rounded home marketing strategy. We craft unique property flyers, put together property brochures, among other impactful print marketing pieces.


Step Three: Deliver Results

Doug Walters Homes Negotiation.jpg


It is no secret that effective negotiation can yield significant returns. Empowering a Realtor to negotiate for your best interests is critical.


Clear Communication & Transparency

We maintain clear, concise, and transparent communication with our clients at all times.


Statistics & In-depth Analysis

We look at the statistics frequently, aligning our efforts with the market to ensure solid results.