After an offer is accepted, we work with the seller agent to do a full 3D scan of the home so our buyer client can start planning out how they intend to use their new space. This scan allows our customer to view the property online in full 3D and VR, while also providing an extremely accurate floor plan.


Almost all buyers start their search online, where it is essential to create a lasting impression of your property.

Utilizing advanced camera hardware and software created by Matterport, we build a 3D/VR home showcase tailored to each property. Buyers love the ability to virtually walk through a home, as it gives them a real sense of the space and what they can expect when they visit the property in person. These tours are compatible with the latest virtual reality services, enabling an incredibly unique and powerful home viewing experience.

Powerful marketing like the 3D/VR home showcase increases buyer confidence, presents immediate value, and results in greater advertising to distinguish the property.

See floor plan and 3D/VR samples below.

Walker Walters Real Estate Floor Plan Example.jpg

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