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Our house had been on the market for a while but failed to appeal to potential buyers for some reason. After much debate, we decided to switch agents and hired Callon and Doug. They created a virtual tour of the house and a 3D map and suggested an acquaintance to stage the place. 48 hours after the house was put back on the market we had an offer from a someone that had previously visited the house and feared that this new marketing would have the house slip away. Both Callon and Doug are very responsive and professional. Definitely my go to guys next time i need to sell/buy.
Thank you!!
— Christian Dombrowski

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If you’re looking to buy/sell a house in MA, Callon is your person!! My husband and I were looking to buy our first condo in Cambridge/Somerville. We had been using a different realtor and were not very happy with the process. A friend recommended Callon. We are super grateful for that. Callon is amazing. He explained us all he knew about the market and shared tons of data (yeah, he partners with Doug and he’s awesome for data geeks!). He came with us to see all the properties. He made excellent suggestions of things to consider, and at times suggested us not to go with ones and why showing us things we would have only realized when it was too late. We put two offers with him. In both of them, he helped us think about the negotiation strategy and helped us get a great value for our money. We got an awesome house with him. He has also helped us with several things after buying the house (finding a mover, contacting the sellers when we needed help installing the wifi, helping us fix small issues, etc.). We will always go to him for anything related to real state.
— maitapa

Ron Allaire
I had the PRIVILEGE of working with Doug over the course of a few years at RE/MAX Real Estate Center in Foxboro. Doug wore many hats there, but my interactions with him were in his position as Internet/marketing specialist/trainer. Doug is extremely bright and taught me a great deal about improving my on line image/presence for real estate and for this I will be forever grateful.

Doug is very tech savvy. He presents his information with a calm, measured approach; he is an excellent trainer. Doug is a gentleman and ALL my coworkers felt the same way about him. I wish him luck in his new venture and I am 100% confident that he will succeed in this and any other position he entertains. He will be missed!
— Ron Allaire

Doug is a highly professional, energetic, well educated, intelligent young man with great ideas. He is able to effectively communicate with others and is very innovative and creative in his thinking and suggestions. Doug is highly successful and very personable and I look forward to watching him climb the ladder to success throughout his career. I can not say enough great things about Doug.......
— Pat Bodin

Laurie Frizzell
I have had the great pleasure, over the last couple of years, working with Doug Walters. I have utilized Doug’s services for various ways of using technology in my own real estate business. Doug has a great knack and understanding on how to use technology in today’s real estate market; he is top of his game.

I find Doug to be a very talented, organized professional, with a strong work ethic. He has always contributed fresh ideas and a very positive outlook to any endeavor we worked on.

It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Doug Walters as a real estate professional that I would work with.
— Laurie A Frizzell

Kathy Palmer
Doug is a marketing maven! Doug helped me drastically improve my business by improving my marketing materials and maximizing my return. He is quick to respond and has a true attitude of customer service. Doug is an absolute joy to work with. I give Doug my highest recommendation without reservation!
— Kathy Palmer

Let me tell you about Doug. After being a REALTOR for over 25 years, I joined the REMAX real estate company about 2 years ago because of their reputation and track record. Shortly after I was introduced to Doug Walters who worked for REMAX as a trainer to keep the agents ahead of the technology curve in our competitive industry.

With all of my experience and advanced R.E education I was completely blown away with Doug’s skill, patience and compassion for our industry and the hard working people within it. When I heard he was going to leave training agents and start working with clients as an agent himself I knew he would be an instant success. If you have a real estate need, question or concern, call Doug and you’ll see why I think so highly of him and his skills.
— Arthur Hillman

When I think of Doug three words come to mind, Integrity, Passion and Knowledgeable. What three better qualities to have in someone who works with you or for you. As soon as I started collaborating with Doug there was no doubt in my mind that he would be honest, work hard, and he had the knowledge to help me succeed.
— Debra Reiffarth

I have had the pleasure of knowing and leaning a great deal from Doug for the last 3 years. He is a man of great patience and high integrity. Doug helped advance our business greatly with his advanced technological/business acumen in too many ways to count. I hope that we have the pleasure of always staying in touch.
— Heather Furfari

No one will work harder and smarter for you than Doug Walters. Doug is always on the cutting edge of “valuable” technology and knows exactly how it will enhance any business or Real Estate transaction.

More importantly Doug is a people person who is always willing to help or educate in the most effective manner possible. He intuitively knows exactly what it will take to sell a particular home and buyers will find that he will listen and understand their needs while finding their dream home. I highly recommend Doug Walters.
— Ellen Connelly