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We use innovative technology, marketing, and advertising to help clients sell their property faster and at a higher price.


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We market and advertise every property to its maximum potential with no shortcuts, gimmicks, or compromises.

Our approach is very different from other real estate teams in that we offer in-house professional photography, videography, aerial drone content, 3D home tours, and much more to give our sellers an edge in the market.

This tailored solution is exclusive to our customers and delivers faster home sales, higher prices, and superior results.


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Our Strategy

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By focusing on marketing a home to its maximum potential and establishing a price in-line with the current market, we build increased value for the property.

We prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) for our clients, presenting an in-depth look at the current state of the real estate market and how it relates to their property.

Walker Walters Real Estate Marketing Strategy


For every client and every home we craft a unique, tailored marketing plan. We differentiate your home from others on the market by focusing on the distinct features of the property, increasing exposure and level of interest.

Walker & Walters Real Estate Social Media Online Advertising Strategy

Social Media & Online Advertising

To generate demand for your home, we craft social media posts promoting your property and then advertise those sponsored posts out to a large target audience. These posts create additional traffic and impressions for the property, increasing the interest and exposure. 

Clients benefit from having their home presented at its best in front of a massive audience, increasing the opportunities for competing offers.


"Working with Callon has been an amazing experience. We decided to list our home with him and he was very professional along the way. He made great suggestions and we received 7 offers after the 1st open house."


Seller Services

Walker Walters Real Estate Staging


Professional staging ensures that buyers see your home at its best and can envision themselves in the space, making a great first impression and increasing its value.

Photography, videography, 3D home tours, and more also all benefit from a staged property.

Walker Walters Real Estate Photography


We use modern, professional photography cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to present every home at its best.

All photos are professionally edited to put the home in the forefront with interested buyers and make it stand out in the market.

Walker Walters Real Estate Videography


We deliver a cinematic video experience for buyers using innovative videography equipment and editing strategies.

By combining video stabilizers with high-end cameras and lenses, the home is captured in full detail and then edited into a compelling video.

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Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial photos and video are vital parts of marketing a home, as these types of imagery capture a potential buyer's attention right away.

Since aerial shots offer unique perspectives, they are a perfect complement to other forms of marketing, illustrating additional features of the property from an elevated angle.

Walker Walters Real Estate Matterport 3D/VR Home Tour and Floor Plans

Matterport 3D/VR Home Tour and Floor Plans

We build a 3D/VR home showcase tailored to each property. Buyers love the ability to virtually walk through a home, as it gives them a real sense of the space and what they can expect when they visit the property in person.

Floor plans are also created for your home and we make this information readily available to potential buyers to help them understand the space and square footage.

Walker Walters Real Estate Custom Property Website

Custom Property Website

We capture more qualified buyers, increase exposure, and advertise your home through the use of a custom, professional website with a branded domain name.

By funneling buyers from major real estate websites and social media advertising to the property website, we can drive traffic and qualify potential buyers with the best information and visuals of the home.

Walker Walters Real Estate Print Marketing

Print Marketing

We craft unique property flyers, put together property brochures, among other impactful print marketing pieces.

All of this extensive marketing serves the purpose of bringing in additional buyer inquiries and increases the amount of exposure for the property.

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Our Recent Work

Walker & Walters 28 Stedman Street

28 Stedman Street, #28, Jamaica Plain, MA

Walker & Walters 38 Beacon Street

38 Beacon Street, Unit #2, Arlington, MA

Walker & Walters 42 Mariposa Street

42 Mariposa Street, Hyde Park, MA

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Client Reviews

Our house had been on the market for a while but failed to appeal to potential buyers for some reason. After much debate, we decided to switch agents and hired Callon and Doug. They created a virtual tour of the house and a 3D map and suggested an acquaintance to stage the place. 48 hours after the house was put back on the market we had an offer from a someone that had previously visited the house and feared that this new marketing would have the house slip away. Both Callon and Doug are very responsive and professional. Definitely my go to guys next time I need to sell or buy. Thank you!!
— Chris

Working with Callon has been an amazing experience. We decided to list our home with him and he was very professional all along the way. He made great suggestions and we received 7 offers after the 1st open house. The accepted offer was 10k above asking price. I will definitely be referring Callon and can't wait to have him help with our next purchase.
— Joe

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