Doug Walters Homes, LLC uses innovative technology, marketing, and advertising to help clients sell their property faster and for more money at no additional cost.


Solving a Big Problem Doug Walters Homes

One of the biggest problems with real estate today is that the majority of properties are not marketed or advertised even close to their potential. There is little to no investment being made to present a home online or increase its visual presentation to enhance its value to buyers.

Currently, properties are being marketed close to the basic requirements, especially when considering what tools and services are available thanks to advancements in technology. Most homes are put into the Multiple Listing Service without any additional marketing or advertising efforts.

Unfortunately, consumers have absolutely no idea what they're missing out on and how much it is costing them. A slower sale, fewer offers, and less money are all possible pitfalls when you hire someone to sell your home that is not up to speed with current real estate marketing trends; you end up paying for it. If your property is presented to buyers with minimal marketing, then it is highly likely you are leaving real money on the table.

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If marketing a home is such a big deal then why are so many properties being advertised at a basic level? There are a host of reasons, but two main ones.

1) Marketing a property to its full potential is expensive.

The cost for professional photography, videography, 3D home tours, interactive floor plans, etc. done the right way is expensive. An appropriate advertising budget is also necessary, increasing the overall cost.

Almost every professional in the real estate industry is not making this investment, which is blatantly apparent from the manner in which homes are currently being marketed. When marketing and advertising investments are made correctly, these efforts create beneficial results for all parties.

Better marketing and advertising are worthwhile endeavors, but the majority of the industry is not investing money to make money on behalf of their sellers.

2) Online marketing and advertising are complex and constantly changing.  

It is not easy to reach the right audience with a compelling message. Hiring an individual to manage digital marketing and advertising strategies while staying current with the latest trends is expensive.

Some professionals choose to not market and advertise a home to its potential, but many others do not even know about the opportunities available. The real estate industry as a whole has been very slow to change and adapt compared to other sectors, which is having a detrimental impact on its customers.

At Doug Walters Homes, LLC we have built a solution from over five years of working behind the scenes of the real estate industry. Thousands of dollars have been invested in the right tools and services to deliver exceptional results. We use innovative technology, marketing, and advertising to help clients sell their property faster and for more money at no additional cost.

Our system involves having a marketing manager handle all of the property marketing and advertising, while a real estate agent manages the sale and transaction.

Real estate agents excel with negotiation, transaction management, pricing, and other essential areas that make a significant difference in the sale of your home. Marketing managers use their skills to create a strategy for presenting your property at its best, drawing in as many buyers as possible while increasing the value of your home.  

The marketing manager generates additional demand for your property and your real estate agent follows up with interested buyers, qualify them and showing your home. This winning combination creates amazing results.

Think about it... in a traditional company do the sales people do the marketing and the marketing people do the sales or are they separate roles? Doesn't it make more sense to have people perform the jobs they are best at?

Compare Property Marketing

Typical Bare Bones

Property Marketing

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Services Offered

  • Real Estate Agent Handles Marketing
  • Professional Photography (sometimes)
  • Listing Description Created
  • Property Flyer
  • Property Put in Multiple Listing Service

Doug Walters Homes, LLC

Property Marketing

Doug Walters Media Online Branding.jpg

Services Offered

  • Marketing Manager Handles Marketing
  • Professional Photography
  • Listing Description Created
  • Property Brochure (8 pages minimum)
  • Property Put in Multiple Listing Service
  • Professional Staging
  • Professional Videography
  • 3D Home Tour
  • Optimized Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • "Coming Soon" Marketing
  • Unique Property Website


Marketing your home involves not only paying attention to important strategies but also the subtle details that make a huge impact. For example, ensuring that the "hero" shot of your home is professionally taken, of the highest resolution, and optimized for online viewing is critical. It could mean the difference between someone clicking to learn more about your home online or scrolling to the next property and plays an essential role in the effectiveness of your social media advertising.

The sales copy used in the listing description to illustrate the lifestyle and benefits of your property are pivotal. A video accompanying your home online to entice buyers to schedule a showing is also incredibly important. Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video according to a study from Consumers want video, but it is always overlooked in real estate.

With Doug Walters Homes, LLC, every property is marketed and advertised to its maximum potential with no shortcuts, no gimmicks, and no compromises. We know that investing in the success of our clients and their home benefits them and our business exponentially.

Our services are provided at no additional cost to clients who are thinking about selling their home and are not working with a real estate agent yet. With our system, you can work with any real estate agent or we can provide recommendations for an agent based on experience, inside sales data (currently unavailable to consumers), and their proven track record.

Having consulted directly with hundreds of real estate professionals, we can put you in touch with the right agent who offers tireless work ethic and unmatched client care. They will understand your needs and have the experience and knowledge to deliver great results.

It is important to note that we do not offer or perform services for consumers who are already working with a real estate agent, are under contract with one, or are selling their home on their own.

The cost for better technology, marketing, and advertising for your home, a dedicated marketing manager, and a real estate agent is the exact same as what you would pay in real estate commission to hire just a real estate agent directly. 

Our services are paid for through the real estate commission from the sale of the property, in the form of a referral fee. The real estate commission is negotiated between you and your agent. There is absolutely no additional cost for everything we do when compared to hiring just a real estate agent. But there is a huge difference.

Compare Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Hire a Traditional

Real Estate Agent

Traditional Real Estate Agent.jpeg

Cost: Real Estate Commission

Marketing: Traditional Bare Bones

Time Invested: 2 Hours to Take Pictures

Advertising: Multiple Listing Service

Technology: Some Software

Hire Doug Walters Homes, LLC

and a Proven Real Estate Agent

Cost: Real Estate Commission

Marketing: Innovative, All Encompassing

Time Invested: 2 Days to Capture Every Detail

Advertising: Multiple Listing Service, Social Media, Optimized Online, Demand Generation, and More

Technology: Professional Photography, Videography, and 3D Cameras, Lenses, Video Stabilization, Cutting-Edge Software

How Am I Qualified Doug Walters Homes

My entire career has been invested consulting with real estate agents and I know the real estate industry inside-out. From working with real estate franchises, agents, brokerages, consumers, and technology companies, I've seen the good and the bad.

Throughout this journey, I've also become a photographer, videographer, marketing manager, trainer, sales coach, and small business owner. Wearing many hats has empowered me to offer a unique perspective and effective solutions, having witnessed first-hand the challenges and problems facing the real estate industry.

The biggest problem that currently exists, which I am committed to solving, it the absence of advanced technology, marketing, and advertising for homes. There are tools and services available, but barely anyone is using them. Even those that are using them are doing so incorrectly. I specialize technology, marketing, and advertising and will continue to do so, with countless days and many dollars focused on delivering clients exceptional results.

Now I know you are probably thinking to yourself, "Doug, why would you offer a better service at no additional cost? It sounds too good to be true."

Well, that is a great question and the answer is because I have a bigger vision.

You see, I am on a mission to help others. Through assisting clients sell their home, I am giving a portion of the referral fee to charity. I am firm believer in giving without any intention of receiving and work to support children and youth who are facing medical challenges in their lives. In this effort I donate to Boston Children's Hospital in my clients' name after every transaction.

I am confident that by offering a superior service at no additional cost I'll continue to grow this business, help my clients, and assist kids who are struggling. To me, this it the definition of a win-win scenario and provides purpose to my life. I am passionate about my work every minute of every day knowing that the fruit of my labor assists my clients and those in desperate need.

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Selling your property is a big decision, often life-changing, and is an immense investment of time and resources. With so much on the line, marketing your property the wrong way can have a significant negative impact, slowing down or halting your home sale and resulting in weak offers.

Now it's your turn to decide whether to contact us to set up a phone call or appointment to determine if our services are the right fit.

I want to give you fair warning that we only market and advertise a limited number of properties. To ensure every home receives the necessary time and attention it needs to receive maximum benefit, we only work with a specific number of clients each month. Once we are filled up, we cannot help you until there is an opening.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To take advantage of our innovative services to sell your home for more money in less time at no additional cost, click below to contact us today.